Ed Czarnetzky, Sr.

This is some general information about Ed Sr’s. position with IGS Diamonds

Ed Czarnetzky, Jr.

Specializes in “finding the deal.” Runs the daily operations of IGS and finding the “right” diamond for the customer looking to get engaged, anniversary or any special occasion. Ed Jr. has been involved in the family business a majority of his life. Eddie is very proud of the job that he does in satisfying every customer with great customer service and value.

Felix Tong
Master Goldsmith

Felix Tong, Master Goldsmith has been working with jewelry since age 13. A third generation in his family doing jewelry, Felix is very proud of his work. One of his favorite expressions is “ I can fix anything”. Felix was head goldsmith for his family business from 1985 – 2002. During those years he did repair and custom design for his own store, IGS and a few other stores in the area. Since then Felix does onsite jewelry repairs and custom designs at IGS. Please see his gallery section of our website for pictures of his custom designs.